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Santiago 28th of March 2016

With great sadness Viña Aquitania communicates the death of its founder and director Paul Pontallier, which occurred on March 27 in Bordeaux, France.

Paul Pontallier was an Agronomist from the National Agronomic Institute of Paris and Doctor of Oenology Faculty of Bordeaux.


He lived in Chile between 1981 and 1983 during which time he performed professional duties as a professor of oenology at the PUC and sowed a deep friendship with many Chileans.

After his return to France he began his work as a winemaker at Chateau Margaux to become its CEO, a position he held until his last days.
Since 1990 he was a founding partner and director of Viña Aquitania, Chilean society he created with friends Felipe de Solminihac and Bruno Prats where they developed great wines from the Maipo and Malleco Valleys.

Paul was a remarkable person both professionally and personally. In wine tasting he always distinguished the elegance and finesse of the wines, which reflected his passion for what he did and the art with which he expressed himself. A true gentleman of wine.

The partners of Viña Aquitania, Felipe de Solminihac, Bruno Prats and Ghislain de Montgolfier will continue, along with the children of Paul Pontallier to develop Viña Aquitania, maintaining the synergy of the new world with tradition and French elegance.

Our History

In 1984 Bruno Prats and Paul Pontallier well known Agronomists and winemakers in the region of Bordeaux, France, start looking in Chile for a high quality terroir to create an original and unique vineyard.

They partnered with a mutual friend, Felipe de Solminihac, Agronomist and Chilean Winemaker of French origin. In 1990 they purchased 18 hectares in the city of Santiago. 

Located at the foot of the Andes, the “Quebrada de Macul”, it is in the historic heart of the Maipo Valley. The first plantations were vines with Bordeaux origin that had been present in Chile since the late nineteenth century.

The wine cellar was completed in 1993. In January 2002 Ghislain de Montgolfier, Agronomist from the Champagne Region and longtime friend of the founders, became the fourth partner, or as he says, recalling the novel by Alexandre Dumas, the fourth Musketeer.

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