Pinot Noir

After observing the great quality that we had obtained with our SOLdeSOL Chadonnay in Traiguén, Valle del Malleco, in 1998 we continued with another short cycle variety suitable for cold areas such as Pinot Noir. It must be said that at that time there were no other vineyards in the region.

Characteristics of the vineyards (age, soils, etc.): These vineyards were planted between 1998 and 2002 in deep soils, with red volcanic clay that has good water retention. So everything, in summer sometimes it is necessary to water in a very controlled way with a drop by drop system since between the months of December and March the rains are practically nil and the temperatures can reach 30 degrees during the day, which adds to the south wind that helps the dehydration of the vineyard. The nights are always cold which makes a very important thermal amplitude.

Elaboration: The harvest is done manually in boxes of 10 kg. The grapes are transported by truck overnight to the Viña Aquitania wineries in Santiago. The low temperature of the harvest season, the first days of May, and the fact that the grapes come in the 10kgs boxes allow the grapes to arrive cold and in perfect condition.

The grapes are destemmed and then gently ground. Fermentation begins with six days of pre-fermentation maceration at a low temperature. Fermentation takes place in the presence of Saccharomyces cerevisiae ICV OKAY yeast in a 6500-liter stainless steel tank. at 24ºc for seven days, with three pump-overs and soft treads a day to respect the fruit as much as possible. After the alcoholic fermentation is finished, post-fermentation maceration is carried out if necessary for a few days. The malolactic fermentation takes place 100% in barrels.

Aging: In 400 and 225 liter French oak barrels for 8 months 100% new barrels

Tasting Note

The wine is of great elegance thanks to the ripening of the grapes in cold weather conditions that allow obtaining a great fruity aroma, standing out sour cherries, cherries, damp earth, mushrooms and a marked graphite minerality. Aging in French oak barrels for twelve months, it maintains its complexity, good balance, fresh flavor and long fruity persistence. The mouth is very fine with smooth and round tannins very well integrated and a fresh finish accompanied by acidic fruits.        

Designation of Origin : Valle Del Malleco – Traiguén

Grape type : 100% Pinot Noir

Planting Date : 2002

Soil : Argile et granite

Color : Ruby

Type : Dry Grape

Alcohol : 13.5%

pH : 3,34

Total Acidity : 3.82 g / L (H2So4)

Residual Sugar : 1,87 g/L