Brut Nature

SOLdeSOL Brut Nature was born in 2012 after years of conversations by Viña Aquitania partners, among which is Ghislain de Montgolfier de Champgne Bollinger.

The four musketeers decide to make a sparkling wine with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir strains from the grapes produced in our vineyards planted in the cold area of ​​Traiguén, Valle del Malleco.

This sparkling wine seeks in the mixture the best proportion of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in order to obtain an elegant wine with a very good balance between alcohol and acidity. The latter is natural from grapes and wine, it is not corrected throughout the production process and there is no added sugar in the expedition liquor.

The bubble is small, fine and very persistent, which helps the wine to highlight its fruit, complexity, freshness and elegance.

We call it Brut Nature.

Characteristics of the vineyards and soils: These vineyards were planted between 1993 and 2000 in deep red clay soils of volcanic origin that have very good water retention. So all in summer these vineyards are watered with a drop by drop system since between the months of December and March the rains are practically nil and with temperatures that can be between 8 and 30 degrees in addition to the south wind that helps dehydration of the vineyard.

Elaboration: The harvest is done manually in boxes of 10 kg. The grapes are transported by truck overnight to the Viña Aquitania wineries in Santiago. The low temperature of the time and the fact that the grapes come in 10 kg boxes allows the fruit to arrive in perfect condition.

The grapes are pressed whole, without prior grinding, in a pneumatic press at a slow cycle and low pressure in order not to extract color from the Pinot Noir.

Aging: The grape juice of each vine is taken to a stainless steel vat for decantation for 36 hours and then transferred to French oak barrels of 400 and 225 liters, used for two and three years of use. There the fermentation takes place which lasts approximately three weeks. During the following 6 months the wine is kept in these same barrels on its lees without any transfer. Batonage is performed twice a week.

Characteristics of the vintage: The 2017 vintage  was warm in Traiguén, the grapes to vinify the sparkling wine bases were harvested at the end of March, 10 days earlier than normal. The fresh acidity in these wines and a low alcohol concentration were maintained despite the warm year. The fruit aromas intensify with the advance of the harvest and the good acidity. The wine has great fruitiness and a very good evolution with the aging of 24 months on the lees.

Tasting Note

This sparkling wine is made using the traditional method and is produced from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir varieties. Its vinification is carried out in French oak barrels and is kept for 24 months with its yeasts developing an intense fruity and mineral bouquet. In the mouth it is powerful, pleasant and with a fresh and complex finish.          

Designation of Origin : Valle Del Malleco – Traiguén

Grape type : 50% Chardonnay - 50% Pinot Noir

Planting Date : 1993

Soil : Clay, Granite

Production : 1776 Bottles

Color : Yellow / Orange

Type : Dry

Alcohol : 12.5%

pH : 3.02

Total Acidity : 5.00 g / L (H2So4)

Residual Sugar : 1.70 g