30 years of trajectory

With 30 years of experience Viña Aquitania it’s recognized for producing wines in two unique Terroirs in Chile. From those places we get high quality and elegant wines with great identity.

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"In the glass, the wine tells us about the climate, the soil, the vine, the passion of the men and women who made it.".

Bruno Prats


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Maipo Andes

The Maipo Andes, Peñalolén is the origin of our Cabernet Sauvignon, with elegant smoothness, finesse and identity that are attributes that have given this Chilean wine it's international prestige.

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"Good wines give us pleasure, great wines gives us emotions.".

Paul Pontallier



We are pioneers in cultivating vineyards in Traiguén, Valle del Malleco. The quality of these Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc wines distinguishes them for their balance and quality.

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Our Wines

Our wines are characterized by the elegance delivered by our two privileged terroirs and the delicacy of the vinification of our oenological team.

"Wine is not a personal work, winemaking in the winery is a team effort that allows man to express his passion through art, science and technology".

Felipe de Solminihac